Chicken Pasta with Herby 6 Veg Ragù

So this is already a start better than last week when my list failed from day one.

Talking of lists, coming from a complete list geek I am in heaven with a new app. From notebooks with our food lists stuck on the front of the fridge to putting what’s for dinner on my notes app I’ve always kept a record. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded an app named Astrid. Astrid is my bestest friend, I’ve gone into complete geek mode and even got Mr S to download it. Now my food list is awesome. I can copy Mr S in, put any comments on it such as which recipe book it comes from and even attach a photo of the ingredients. I’m such a goon but I don’t care, making lists completes me 😉 I’ve even got to the point where if Mr S suggests something needs doing I tell him to “tell Astrid”.

Anyway, I digress. This comes from Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals. They are not really 15 minute meals but I’m not going to complain as it’s Jamie. They are 15 minute meals if you take out most of the preparation and take out all of the washing up afterwards!

For the ragù, you stick a leek, a stick of celery, a carrot, a courgette and some jarred red peppers into food processor and pulse. Stick it all in a casserole pan with some oil (we used some oil from the jar of peppers) and some fresh thyme.

I did mine slightly different. I cooked my chopped bacon and removed it from the pan and Mr S then used the pan to cook off the chicken. There was LOADS, the 2 chicken breasts I picked up from the market were enormous. So he had to do it in batches. Cook the pasta.

Back to the ragù – stir passata through the vegetables, Jamie uses 700g of passata, I’m not sure how much I used but there was definitely less. Instead of crushing the garlic fully I bashed it with a knife and added it to the sauce. I also added the rosemary & bay leaf whereas Jamie adds them to the chicken and bacon.

Add the pine nuts and the cooked bacon to the chicken and give it a good stir, add a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Season the sauce, drain the pasta and add to the sauce*, we also added our chicken and bacon mixture rather than popping it on top. Sprinkle with parmesan.


*we only used half the sauce and have frozen the rest to use at a later date, it would have been a little too saucy for my liking.

This is an excellent dish to give reluctant vegetable eaters their 5 a day. There was loads left so I thought I would have leftovers for work on Monday but we picked at it all night until what was left wasn’t worth keeping.

This was dinner…29th June 2013.


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