Fish Butties

Mr S & I met up after work in a pub in town. I thought we were going to eat but ever since we’d walked past a hole in the wall called the Tortilla Shack he’d been craving one so that was to be dinner.

We’ve had one before but I’m guessing it was about 12 years ago. The sign above the door says open every day but Monday. Liars! It was closed. Neither of us fancied the option of a takeaway. KFC was mentioned – meh. Didn’t want a kebab…or a pizza…or fish and chips and definitely not Chinese. So I bought some Warbutons flatbreads and some frozen fish and served them with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and cheese.


Mr S has just messaged me as I type this post “I’m just not digging food at the moment” – I agree.

This was (another uninspiring) dinner…26th June 2013.


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