Another Chinese Takeaway

It feels like I’m posting about Chinese takeaway every other day but I checked and this is only the 5th we’ve had one since I started, once a month for a takeaway is not bad I suppose. I felt like – “Oh no – not another cheat post” but writing these retrospectively this week it gets worse, believe me.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me at the moment & I asked Mr S if we were strung up like Theon Greyjoy when we made this weeks list but apparently we came up with it of our own free will!

My day set off well, I went into town for my nails doing but rather than spending the rest of the day shopping and drinking cocktails I came home and we cleaned. How exciting.

When the evening came, the vegetarian dish we had planned didn’t appeal to either of us. The proviso was that the takeaway piggy had enough cash, he did.

We had crispy shredded smoked chicken, deep fried salt and pepper squid, special udon noodles and sweet and sour beef Hong Kong style…oh & chips.



I wasn’t a big fan of the beef but everything else was wonderful. It’s 4 weeks to my holiday so I really shouldn’t have, but I did.

This was dinner…22nd June 2013.


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