Pizza & Wings

From a box today. We were going to eat out tonight but neither of us could decide where we wanted to eat & how far we wanted to go.

I didn’t have anything in so I met Mr S at the supermarket on my way home from work. He’d been fancying pizza anyway so we went for pizza & wings.

The wings were, well, just spicy wings. I don’t particularly get the attraction but Mr S sure loves a wing.

The pizza was really nice for a shop bought one. A  ‘M’orrison’s Kitchen Pizza Calabrese, created by Aldo Zilli no less. The blurb states ‘Salciccia salami & n’duja sausage on an extra virgin olive oil base, hand stretched and cooked in a hot oven for perfect crispy edges’

As someone who can’t stand a stodgy base I was impressed with it. Don’t ever go by their cooking times though, they’re miles out. Can you imagine what this one would have looked like if I’d have left it 2 more minutes?

We also had an ‘extra garlic’ garlic bread which was decent but I didn’t get where the extra garlic was.



We washed these down with a couple of Thursday beers.

This was dinner…20th June 2013.


Any thoughts?

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