Quick Prawn & Salmon Pie

I don’t think I could have eaten anything with meat in it today so this was the perfect antidote to the weekend. It’s a great idea for a ‘pretend’ pie.

I think I would use hot smoked salmon next time, I didn’t use smoked salmon trimmings as the recipe suggests either as I once had a bad experience with some. Mr S also suggested putting some onion and/or potatoes in next time, I think sweet potato would be good.

Just scrunch up some filo sheets, brush with butter (or oil) & bake in the oven for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, in a pan gently heat some crème fraîche, the zest and juice of a lemon (i’d use half next time), a chopped (deseeded if required) red chilli & some dijon mustard. Add your chopped smoked salmon & prawns to warm through. The recipe adds chopped parsley but I’m running low and have loads of chives so I snipped those in instead. Add some fresh breadcrumbs & season.

Give it all a stir, pop it in a bowl & pop your filo on top et voilà, a pie.


This was dinner…17th June 2013.


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