Incredible Smashed Peas & Broad Beans on Toast

The title comes from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie at Home’ but I’m happy to report that incredible does in fact describe this dish perfectly.

I must have gone on about my love of peas before, I adore them. I still can’t fully trust my sister in law as she hates them with a passion (just joking Coral!).

When I got the book it was one of the first things I tried, I’ve had it loads of times and it never fails to satisfy. The recipe is here.

Jamie uses fresh peas & beans but I couldn’t get my hands on any so I just used frozen. I’ve never actually made it with fresh. I have seen pea shoots in the supermarket on odd occasions but I couldn’t get hold of those either.

When I got back from the gym Mr S had already boiled the peas & beans so I just stuck most of them in the blender with a little extra virgin olive oil and some mint leaves & pulsed. Jamie says to use a pestle & mortar for a ‘lovely bashed and bruised flavour’ but I figure I’m already using frozen ingredients so what the hell.

I put the mixture into a bowl then added some more oil and some parmesan and lemon juice. I then mashed it a bit more with a fork to create the thick beautiful green paste you see. Check your seasoning.

Toast some sourdough bread. Take a garlic clove cut in half and rub the bread with the cut side. If you’ve never done this with bread before, you are missing out. It just flavours the bread perfectly.

Spread the p(e)aste – sorry – on your bread then top with torn pieces of mozzarella, the best quality you can. Sprinkle with your reserved peas, lemon juice, parmesan and a couple of mint leaves. Oh and your pea shoots if you find them.

Jamie also suggests using this paste with tagliatelle or on top of white fish which both sound scrumptious to me.


This was dinner…19th June 2013.


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