Chicken, Goats Cheese & Cherry Tomato Bake

This meal was adapted from this BBC Good Food recipe. I hadn’t bought part boned chicken breasts, I just had run-of-the-mill chicken breasts, they didn’t have skin on either so there was nowhere to shove my goats cheese. We were going to wrap them in bacon but I forgot to get it out of the freezer.

We sliced a bit of a pocket into the chicken breasts which, being from the market and not from the supermarket, were rather large anyway. I put full and halved cherry tomatoes into the baking dish, tossed them in oil and seasoning and placed my chicken on top. I didn’t have a splash of white wine as we had inadvertently¬†drank it a few night previous! Whoops. I stuck in a splash of white wine vinegar instead.

About 10 minutes before it was ready I scattered the remaining goats cheese into this dish.


The suggestion of saffron rice was perfect for this dish.

This was dinner…14th June 2013

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