TGI Saturday

It’s a week to my niece’s birthday, they don’t live local so she gets 2 birthday celebrations. We weren’t sure of the weather so a barbeque was out and as my workload dictated I couldn’t take the Friday off I couldn’t bake for a home party. We decided on TGI Fridays near (not at) Meadowhall.

I’d rang and booked the table and told them we had a birthday girl with us. We arrived and they gave her some balloons. I started my meal with this…


My favourite cocktail, the cosmopolitan. Then I had mozzarella sticks for starters…


I needed something to wash it down so I had one of these…


A wonderfully refreshing blueberry mojito. My main course was the Inferno burger which seemed to be covered in the largest lettuce leaf I’ve ever laid eyes on! The burger and it’s toppings was too big for me, I had to remove the top half of the bun and eat it with a knife and fork. I think the chips could have been crispier.


Wow was I full after that lot. Some of the party ordered desserts but not me, I finished off with another one of these…


The staff were excellent and I’d completely forgotten that I’d mentioned a birthday when what seemed like all of the staff appeared at our table with a piece of cake with a candle in it, a birthday card and a (very loud) rendition of TGI’s own birthday song.

My mum-in-law cried,  the others laughed and I got all embarrassed imagining what my 9 year old self would have thought of such a show – I would probably have dived under the table. My niece loved it though and beamed all the way through.

We all went back to ours and enjoyed the sun in the garden when it popped from behind the clouds for 3 minutes at a time although my niece beat me to the deckchair.

This was dinner…8th June 2013.


Any thoughts?

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