Our English Chinese Takeaway

I remember, as a child, when our little village got it’s first Chinese takeaway. What was my first meal from this place of wonderful new delights? Fish and Chips!

Luckily I’ve broadened my horizons when it comes to food but I still have a real affinity with chips from a Chinese takeaway.

I’ve decided to call this our English Chinese as it’s more or less the staple stuff. We both had a spring roll and shared special curry, fried rice & chips.

Tonight should have been a cod dish but Mr S was craving takeaway and I’d been chatting with 5 Kinds of Rice who had mentioned the ‘c’ word. She stuck to her guns and cooked a lovely lasagne but I crumbled at the 1st mention of chips.

I didn’t feel too guilty as I did an hour of cardio at the gym and then walked to the takeaway & back.


This was dinner…5th June 2013.


4 thoughts on “Our English Chinese Takeaway

  1. My Dad and uncle opened our city’s first Chinese Takeaway and I was pretty spoiled when it came to those classic European-style Chinese foods. Yes, we sold all manner of deep fried delights along with stir fries and sweet and sour porks.

    If I was a the shop, I was allowed anything I wanted, though I usually just wanted a bowl of rice with soy sauce drizzled on top. These days I don’t order Chinese Takeaway. I guess I’ve been too spoiled and unless it’s very, very good, I’m probably not going to like it.

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