Lasagne Rations

My sister was coming round for dinner today so fish was off the menu. I didn’t realise she wasn’t a fan until I cooked a meal for the family about 6 months ago and served home made mackerel pâté for starters and she retched. Although she was immensely hungover she still claims it’s a fish hatred.

I decided to make a lasagne but this is a makeover lasagne, not the traditional type. Instead of béchamel sauce it uses ricotta and where it’s normally beef mince this uses pork mince and finely chopped rump steak. I did use double the pork stated in the recipe. I also forgot to buy some mozzarella (sometimes I astound myself) so used a mix of cheddar and parmesan for the top.

I developed a love of lasagne at a pub in Ingoldmells when I was l was little. It was deep, saucy and covered in so much cheese that the cheese had both crisped up and turned chewy on the edges. Sadly and topically, this pub was in the news last week, it burned down. Ah memories of Grandad & panda pops.

I’ve made this version before & in my opinion it’s a winner. It’s lower in fat and a bit lighter, more summery I suppose. I don’t think my waist could cope with The Bell Inn’s cheese levels.


My sister enjoyed it but this was her comment on Facebook later that night “Bloody Delicious Dinner at sisters. However when did the war break out? I missed the public announcement on Rations ;P ”

I shall serve her mackerel next time she comes, the cheeky mare!

This was dinner…9th June 2013.


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