Chicken Lahmacun

The fun of doing this blog is not only determining what dishes to cook but looking at everyone else’s wonderful recipes and ideas. I decided that at least once a month I should try to either create, or be influenced by a dish someone else made.

As one of my favourite things is a delicious lamb flatbread by Rick Stein (see this You Tube link) and Mr S just loves chicken, I decided to make a chicken flatbread based on the lovely 5 Kinds of Rice’s recipe Chicken Harissa Fougasse.

For my flatbread I just did the basic wrap recipe from Paul Hollywood – Bread. I’ve ditched the bread mix I normally use. This is just as easy and far cheaper.

Just before you are ready to roll (pardon the pun) put your oven on at 180ºc and pop in a couple of baking trays.

More or less using 5 Kinds of Rice ingredients of peppers, chilli, onion, herbs and garlic, I too blitz mine in the blender. With the lamb one I just pulse it but I was over enthusiastic and gave if a full on blender onslaught. If I’d have wrung it out in a tea towel I’m not sure there would have been much left!

As this point, 5 Kinds of Rice adds chopped strained tomatoes, sumac, ras el hanout and harrisa paste. As my mixture was so wet I decided I was just going to serve mine with tomatoes, I didn’t have any sumac, I forgot the ras el hanout so I just added harissa.

I minced 2 chicken breasts and mixed them with my pepper/spice mix. This all made quite a  wet mixture so once I rolled out my dough it was easy to spread it around the base (as far up to the edge as you can – it will shrink). It was at this point I remembered my ras el hanout so I sprinkled some on.

Cook the flatbreads in the oven for about 10-12 minutes. Once ready to eat I sprinkled mine with some lemon juice and scattered some parsley. I  added some halved baby plum tomatoes. Mr S also stuck the leftover blue cheese from yesterday on his. I would have loved some feta but I didn’t have any in.

Roll them up and stuff your face. Repeat.


Thanks 5 Kinds of Rice – these were tremendous.

This was dinner…1st June 2013.

3 thoughts on “Chicken Lahmacun

  1. that’s looks bloody gorgeous, and really thin and crispy, I’m going to make that again, tonight i’m going to attempt a similar thing to your pea lasagne thingy, I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do, but i hope it looks as good as yours..x

      1. lol, yes, I’m starving, I hope what ever I come up with turns out ok, I’d rather me having sausage, egg and chips to be honest, but I’m not going to cop out and not make an effort..

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