Asparagus & Soft Cheese Omelette

This was just what I needed tonight. A light & delicious omelette. I took one of my scotch eggs for lunch at work and when I left for home I still felt like I wouldn’t need to eat for another month.

I’ve probably said this before, Mr S is chief omelette maker, so all I had to do was griddle the asparagus. He cooked both of ours – in separate pans – at the same time. I think I would manage to burn at least one them if I did that.

Drizzle some asparagus with (rapeseed) oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Give them a good roll around to make sure they are coated well.

Griddle the asparagus for 3-4 minutes, so it’s still got a nice bit of bite. Chop into 3.

Add a bit of oil/butter to a frying pan to coat it. Add your seasoned eggs, ‘we’ used 3, well seasoned, per omelette.

You want your egg to be not completely cooked on top when you add the (chopped) asparagus, some chopped mint and a few dollops of soft cheese (Oh, I did this bit too). We used full fat but obviously if you’re trying to be a bit healthier just use the low fat variety.

When you flip the omelette in half and remove it from the pan it will finish cooking the top (which is now the inside I suppose) of the omelette and won’t be dry and inedible like my childhood omelettes invariably were.


I had a little bit of my Bakewell Tart afterwards.

28th May 2013


Any thoughts?

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