Warts & All

I said when I started this blog/diary that I would show my dinners warts & all. This is a warts & all day. This weekend followed the path of my last bank holiday weekend. A ‘few’ drinks on Friday, a hangover and crap food on Saturday. But oh what a great sunny Saturday it was.

Please bear with me, it gets better after today…

I’m not sure which one of these was dinner so I’m going to put the best photo first. We had this at about 2pm – scrambled eggs with beans on toast.


Then at about 7pm we had these. I can confirm that the mushrooms, onion rings and wedges were satisfactory but the chicken wings were the worst wings I’ve ever tasted. Had we cooked them for the full time on the box they would have been completely inedible. As it was they were edible but tasteless. I couldn’t even bring myself to photograph them so here’s the box.


That should teach me.

25th May 2013.


Any thoughts?

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