Scotch Eggs

I’ve finally got around to making my own scotch eggs.

Boil 4 eggs.


Whilst they boil, get your ingredients together. I’m happy to report that the chives, parsley, sage & thyme all came from my garden. I used cumberland sausages, bought at the local market.


Mix well


Divide this mixture into 4. Get your flour, eggs and breadcrumbs together. The recipe states panko but I just used my firm favourite of the pre-made golden breadcrumb.


The recipe is here. I thought it would be harder to wrap the sausage meat around the egg but it wasn’t. Just roll the mixture between 2 pieces of cling film, then use the bottom piece of cling film to help you roll it around the floured egg. The recipe explains it really well. Here’s mine, ready for the fryer.


I cooked my 1st ones exactly as the recipe stated. I did the second batch for a couple of minutes more. I was a little disappointed that my eggs were a little underdone. I should have gone with my own way of boiling eggs.


They are perfectly seasoned though, with a perfect ‘crusty’ crunch.


24 thoughts on “Scotch Eggs

  1. well done, one of those things I mean to do but never get round to, I have a book of 100 things to do with eggs, it has a scotch egg type recipe in that which I was going to attempt, except instead of breadcrumbs it uses streaky bacon..
    I might do that soon..

    1. Thanks.

      So that’s meat, wrapped in meat? I must admit I’ve had one for lunch today & I’m sat at my desk stuffed! Never realised how big they were. Haha. 100 things to do with eggs – wow!

    1. Oh that is such a shame.

      I just have a raised bed with herbs. I tried doing vegetables last year but I’m not bothering this year, pests and suchlike, too much trouble.

      1. I hate trouble so I just have a few pots of my favourite herbs in the house where I can see them 24/7. Enjoy the herbs while the season lasts!

    1. Thank you. I see you do make a LOT of scotch eggs, all of which look delicious & are the reason I arrived at your blog. Thanks for the baking tip.

      Your pub looks great by the way!

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