Bakewell Tart

I was going to make a very British Victoria Sponge to go along with my very British Scotch eggs. As I was researching the Scotch egg I found a very British Bakewell Tart. This is probably Mr S’ favourite of ‘cakes’ so I went with that instead.

I must admit, I cheated with the pastry but for the effort I had with it, I may as well have attempted my own. Every time I tried to pick it up, it disintegrated. I finally got there in the end but I’m definitely going to try my own next time.

I deliberated over just using a jam or making my own compote as per the recipe. I’m glad I did the compote, it took no effort at all. I knew if I bought a pot of jam it would just end up sitting in the fridge forever.


I blind baked my pastry.


I spread the compote on the base. I only had about half the raspberries that the recipe suggests so it’s a bit sparse. Although I think there might have been too much with double.


Put your frangipane on top and spread evenly(ish).


Bake for 20 minutes then put the flaked almonds on top, bake for another 5.

The tart sat like this for about 2 minutes:


Then Mr S attacked it, not just still warm, still hot.



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