Chorizo, Piccolo Tomato & Green Olive Pasta

I adapted this from a spaghetti recipe in the June edition of Good Food magazine. It was quick, easy and fresh tasting. I say adapted, I used green olives instead of black, pasta shapes instead of spaghetti, piccolo instead of cherry tomatoes and added chorizo.

Cook the pasta.

In a bowl, put halved tomatoes, some extra virgin olive oil, chopped olives, drained & rinsed capers, the juice of a lemon and some torn basil. Season and give it all a good mix.

Meanwhile, slice some chorizo and fry to your liking.

Drain the pasta and the tomato and olive salad.

Put it into your bowls, top with the chorizo and some parmesan shavings.


The piccolo tomatoes were especially tasty.

23rd May 2013.


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