Robin Hoods Bay

This post might sound more like a tourist information ad than a post about food…

We were up before the birds almost to get to RHB with the family today. The day got off to a good start. We stopped off at Pickering for breakfast where I had fried eggs on doorstops of delicious granary toast. I think the café was called Caffe Stop. Everyone enjoyed what they had and we were all fuelled for the rest of the trip.

We arrived at RHB to pretty decent weather. It was pretty quiet, almost Sunday like, but the sun out. It was beautiful. We made a friend of a seagull who wouldn’t leave us alone and walked down the beach with us. I named him Albert (emphasis on the bert please).

At lunch time we all went for fish and chips, we were the 1st in the shop so it couldn’t have been any fresher, how good old fish and chips should be. Mr S & I shared a portion of fish and chips with lashings of salt and vinegar. We sat eating them on the sea front, then went for a pint. It was the chippy up the little side street right at the bottom (I’m not sure there are any more??) Surprisingly there was no sign of Albert – not that there was anything left to share. Then we went for a pint.

The reason we were there was to go for a meal. We went to The Wayfarer, I would recommend it, it’s also a guest house, my parents stayed there & said it was very nice.

Mr S & I shared the antipasti (yes again, I know).


I had an exceptionally tasty prawn and monkfish Thai broth. I thought I was choosing the lighter option but it’s fair to say I was stuffed – but happy. There was no room at all for a dessert.


The plan was to walk it off but by the time we left the restaurant the rain had come!

Here’s alBERT – albert

17th May 2013


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