A Takeaway

Still in Robin Hoods Bay, the plan was breakfast, pack up, enjoy the delights of Whitby. Alas, the wonderful British weather thwarted the third part of the plan.

We got up early and had our breakfast at the lovely Devon House where we had stayed. I went for full English of course. We decided that a little bit of rain wasn’t going to stop us and we were going to drive to Whitby after breakfast, grab our brollies and a cuppa and see how it went.

It didn’t. This wasn’t a ‘little bit of rain’ After breakfast I popped out with my camera and one of the guest house’s (very large) umbrellas. I managed to take this one photo without ruining my camera…


…and get very soggy knees from the horizontal rain.

We came home 😦 Sorry Whitby, I’ll come come back another time.

Later that day, after shopping for lunch & dinner, I watched Ice Age 4 in my PJ’s. (Not much of a) spoiler alert! – Sid eats a berry which paralyses him. That’s how I felt all day Saturday and Sunday and was stuck between the sofa & my bed so I asked Mr S if he fancied a takeaway. He did.

We had mini spring rolls and deep fried crispy salt & pepper squid for starters.


then crispy shredded beef. chicken curry, chips and vermicelli Singapore style for main.


All firm favourites with us. We shared leftovers for lunch the following day.

18th May 2013


2 thoughts on “A Takeaway

    1. Thank you. I enhanced it a little, just a shame I couldn’t get more. My only solace is that we got a good Friday (sadly my camera was at the back of the packed car) Better than today which is absolutely terrible here in Doncaster.

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