Salmon Tranches

The first time I ever had this, the sun was shining and I sat with a glass of white, staring at blooming flowers in the garden. I would class it as quite a ‘summery’ dish. Unfortunately, the weather does not know what it wants to do, other than confuse and irritate us here in England.

As we speak, I’m sat here with both the heating & a cardigan on! I have the radio on in the background and certain parts of the UK woke up to SNOW this morning! What is THAT all about? When I was small I used to hear the saying ‘Ne’er cast a clout till may be out’, clout means clothing but May does not mean the month, it means may blossom. At this rate we won’t be ‘casting a clout’ until the dahlia is out.

I digress. This recipe is in a Mary Berry book I’ve had for years. Mary puts the salmon in a griddle pan for a minute or 2 each side and then finishes it in the oven, she then lets it cool, fridges it, then brings it back to room temp to serve. It’s just as nice with the salmon cooked whatever way you like it. We griddled ours and served it immediately. The ‘sauce’ consists of crème fraîche, dill, capers & cucumber, all seasoned well. It’s a really fresh accompaniment for the salmon. We served it with brown rice. How very healthy.

I must enter a disclaimer here, the only hand I had in this dish was the serving of it. Mr S chopped, prepped and cooked it. So I’m stretching the ‘we’ a little.


14th May 2013.


Any thoughts?

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