Sticky & Gorgeous Pork Stew

Jamie Oliver looked after the food in our house this weekend. A speedy one yesterday, a slow one today.

I picked up this leg of pork a couple of weeks ago just because I fancied some. I would normally have chosen to make some kind of pulled pork but this dish caught my eye. Mr S got to work on his butchery skills to trim it and cut it for me.

This recipe comes from the Jamie Does…(in this case – Greece) book. His looks a lot more ‘watery’ than mine but I’m not complaining, I loved the consistency of the sauce. It’s made like a basic stew but in the last half hour/45 minutes you add prunes which gives it it’s sweet sticky loveliness. You then add lemon juice at the end.

I didn’t cook it as long as Jamie says (2 ¾ hours), a combination of being happy with the flavours & tenderness of the meat and being bloody starving!


12th May 2013


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