Monday Muffins

Right, I smashed Monday in the face!

Cleaning, baking, cooking, shopping. Where yesterday had nothing, today had it all.

Even the sun decided to get up early so after throwing in a washing load I decided to get on and make these carrot and orange muffins. I’d bought the ingredients last week but just didn’t have the inclination.

The recipe is here, flour (100g), caster sugar (100g), ground cinnamon (½ tsp), baking powder (2 tsp), butter (75g melted), egg (1, beaten), carrots (2, peeled & grated) and oranges (2, juiced & zested).


Mix all of  your wet ingredients in one bowl and your dry in another.

muffin 2

Combine them both together, no need to overwork it.

muffin 3

Here are mine ready for the oven, I did them for 25 minutes at 160ºc…

muffin 4

… and here they are all ready to eat.

muffin ready

I would have preferred them to have risen a bit more but they were still very tasty and moist. I took them to work for breakfasts and they were still good by Friday.


Any thoughts?

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