Fresh & Light Chowder

I’m feeling a bit smug because despite all of the fabulous food I eat, today I bought 2 skirts in a size 10(UK), this time last year I’d crept into a 14.

It’s only coincidence that dinner tonight has a healthy feel. I do love a chowder. I suppose it’s fish stew but doesn’t chowder sound so much nicer?

This is in this months Good Food magazine. It uses half fat crème fraîche to make it lighter. It’s really easy too, get your broth sorted and then just cook your fish fillets of choice (1 piece of salmon, 1 piece of haddock for me) on top. It’s topped of with prosciutto, fried for delicious crispiness.

The recipe leaves the skin on the potatoes but I didn’t. It also uses chilli flakes but I used slices of fresh chilli.


10th May 2013


2 thoughts on “Fresh & Light Chowder

  1. Mr 5 would love that, since I made the fish stew he’s been on at me to make it again, I like the idea of prosciutto on top..

    and well done on the size 10 thing..xx

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