Bloomer Baking

I’ve made bread before, cheating, using a bread mix. I do flatbreads a lot but lets face it, you can’t really mess up a flatbread can you?

I’ve been threatening to try bread from scratch but not got around to it. I was inspired by 5 Kinds of Rice & her blog, her breads look immense. She had mentioned Paul Hollywood & I happened upon his book for a good price in Morrisons. I confess that I don’t really watch the British Bake Off program as I’m more inclined to watch a cookery rather than a baking show.

Then something else made my decision for me. Before getting out of bed on Bank Holiday Monday, I picked up my phone and noticed an invitation to this from another blogger Bunny. Eats. Design. It was my sign.

Once my muffins were in the oven I got to work. I did something with Paul Hollywood’s book that I don’t normally do with other cookbooks – I read the intro. It turned out to be most helpful. I put my water into the mixture (probably a little too much) but instead of throwing in more flour after a little bit of patience and a LOT of kneading, my dough ended up looking like it should.

Mr H also puts oil on his work surface instead of flour. There are lots of great tips in there. I chose to make the bloomer as he says it great for beginners.

My whole plan had been to show my baking step by step (I managed it with the muffins) but I forgot. I left it to rise for almost 3 hours, I would have probably just left it on hour but Mr Hollywood says a slower rise makes a better bread.

As for the results, I ended up quite pleased with myself. This bread had a fabulous crust on it & tasted delicious. I might do the bloomer again and with a bit more confidence, move on to something else.


So I must thank both bloggers mentioned above and others that I follow for their great posts and inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Bloomer Baking

  1. Great attempt and good tip on reading the intro. I always find that cooking TIPS are leaps and bounds more useful than recipes. You don’t tend to commit recipes to memory, but TIPS are useful forever.

    I’ve never had much luck with bread but I suspect that I use too much flour too. I will keep the oiled surface tip in mind for the next time I’m brave enough to attempt bread again.

    1. Thanks.

      I do love a tip.

      That’s the beauty of watching a cooking show too. I always pick something up and love the little things.

      It really does have some good bread making tips in the book. It’s quite intense work though, making bread. I’ll give it a while before I do it again – probably!

  2. hello! and thank you for this lovely entry into this month’s our growing edge. I’ve got it up in my round-up here.

    your bloomer looks so lovely. I’m always afraid of bread – my weak arms don’t equate to effective kneading – but I really ought to give it a try soon! and I completely agree with reading the tips first – that’s also a reason I like getting recipes from blogs. they are so much more useful than just having a recipe!

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