Another Wednesday Eating Out

This time to see my sister. Doncaster is not renowned for its abundance of amazing eateries, Liberty is one of the ‘newest’ & nice it is too.

Now I’m not particularly on a diet but I try to be good and as I’ve not made it to the gym this week I felt it was only fair to stay away from chips (although I did steal a few of my sisters). The portions are pretty big here too and although they do delicious burgers I’d messed up by having one for my tea the previous night.

I had Aros Mucho Macho Chicken which was a tasty rice dish (with tortilla chips?), thankfully I had the lunch version, had I had the one from the main menu I don’t think I would have been able to move afterwards! My sister had the Appleback pork burger and declared it the best burger she’d had, this pork burger also comes recommended by my husband & my photo does not do it justice.


1st May 2013.


Any thoughts?

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