Sardines Have No Place in my Home

I’ve never been a big fan of sardines, in fact I’m not a fan at all but Mr S likes them so I’m happy to do my bit. We had a tin of them in and there was a pasta dish in my last food magazine so I thought we were onto a cheap winner.

I put the pasta on the boil. I softened the garlic and onion. I put some halved cherry tomatoes in. Then I put the sardines in. Mr S walked into the kitchen just as I pulled a face of disgust. This mixture smelled so bad that I would have gladly eaten my cat’s food if these were my only choices.

I think my husband may well have thought it was me being picky but after a quick sniff and a taste test it went straight in the bin!


I’d already had a bad day so the thought of starting on something else filled me with dread.

So this was my dinner.

Sardines are not welcome in my home ever, ever again.

29th April 2013.


5 thoughts on “Sardines Have No Place in my Home

    1. I like a bit of salmon or even trout with pasta. I cannot exaggerate how revolting the sardine mixture was. I might try them again at a later date but for now they are definitely banned!

  1. Poor little silvery things, now they are now welcome anymore? Maybe it was your fault that they smelled so bad..?? I love fresh sardines, straight out of the ocean, into my frying pan, yummy. If they ever knock your door, please send them to my favourite pastime, I will be more than willing to take them in. Enjoy your day…

  2. Eww, sounds nasty. I wonder what was wrong with it?

    When I was about 20, I mentioned to my Dad, an avid foodie and chef that I’d never had sardines before. He was disgusted and the next day, presented me with a tin of good quality sardines and a loaf of fresh artisan bread. I ate the lot in one sitting. It turned out that I like it very much. I think with any pungent food be it fish, stinky cheese, olives etc, it really needs to be good quality. You can’t compare good quality food with it’s bad quality counterparts.

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