Chip Shop Fish & Chips

We were having a lazy Saturday. The problem with having a lazy Saturday when you have not been shopping (and don’t want to go shopping) is what to have to eat.


The plan had been to go on a picnic, my parents bought me a lovely picnic basket almost 3 years ago & I still haven’t used it. I popped out to M & S at lunch on Friday and bought this lot with the intention that, whatever the weather, we would go. The reality when you wake up and see a miserable day outside meant we stayed put. With the intention of going Sunday instead.

The moment the words “fish and chips” were uttered by  Mr S, I knew that was what we were going to have, regardless of other ideas tossed about.

We both had a fish, shared some chips and he had curry sauce and I had gravy. Now I know I’m Northern but having gravy with my fish and chips is only something I have done in the last 7 or 8 years. I wouldn’t dream of doing it with anything home made but there is just something about chip shop gravy and chips!

The fish was enormous but my cat very kindly finished it off minus the batter of course.


I didn’t feel too guilty as I walked out to buy them.

Incidentally, it became clear that the weather wasn’t going to change for Sunday so we snacked on our picnic stuff later on. The fig and balsamic chutney is wonderful, I thoroughly recommend it.

27th April 2013.


2 thoughts on “Chip Shop Fish & Chips

  1. I had fish and chips on Wednesday after coming back from my mums, I have mushy peas with mine, and I couldn’t imagine fish and chips with out them, unless it was a pea fritter instead, but nice ones of those are hard to come by..

    You should have had your picnic on the carpet and used the picnic basket anyway..

    1. I adore mushy peas but I have become a bit addicted to gravy (or even curry sauce). I love the ones from the freezer in a bag that you have to add water to, they remind me of the ones my nan used to “steep” overnight from a box.

      I was going to set it up but it didn’t seem right for its first use.

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