Beef Chimichurri, New Potatoes & Crunch Salad.

I remember eating steak when I was younger, having a discussion with my boss & asking how he could eat his pink, insisting it wasn’t right if it wasn’t well done. Well it takes a big person to admit they were wrong doesn’t it? I still send him a card at Christmas, maybe I should pop a note in that he was right about steak!

I also remember making a steak sandwich and not realising the importance of resting the meat, blood bread anyone?

I think I’ve learned a bit about cooking since then – burnt meat doesn’t equal tasty meat.

This is a Jamie Oliver recipe (again), although it’s from the 15 Minute Meals book we did ours slightly different. I’m not a big fan of the boiled potato, it hails back to childhood when Mum would serve them with Sunday dinner & my sister and I would indignantly ask where the mash was.

You can easily find the recipe online, here are my differences:

The potatoes; we popped them in the oven for about 40 minutes. When they were done, I heated a little butter until it started to go brown then drizzled it over the (seasoned) potatoes. I also squeezed a little lemon juice over them.

The sauce; we had used the spring onions up in something else so I popped in a shallot instead.

The salad; I used frozen peas which I had boiled as normal and left to cool. I chopped some of the potatoes up an popped them and we had some leftover kale & cucumber so they went in too.


A very nice meal indeed.

26th April 2013.


Any thoughts?

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