Tuna & Asparagus Salad.

This salad puts yesterdays salad to shame and cost me a whole lot less. It wasn’t intentional. Salad was on this weeks list but seriously, less is more with a dressing, this was drizzled not dolloped.

Boil a couple of eggs to your liking. I like my yolks to still have  hint of ‘yolkiness’ about them. These were very large & I probably cooked them a minute too long, they were still better than yesterdays though.

Start off with a bed of chopped lettuce and some tomatoes. 

Season a tin of tuna and scatter on the salad.

Fry off your bread of choice (we used up the granary from the other day) in chunky crouton pieces.

When the eggs are boiled, fish them out of the water and plunge into cold water to stop them cooking. Use the boiling water for your asparagus.

When your asparagus is done, plunge in cold water then drain and season.

Chop the asparagus and arrange on the salad with the boiled eggs.

Top with the croutons then drizzle on your dressing made from chopped shallot, 2 parts white wine vinegar and 1 part extra virgin olive oil and a little mustard powder with a pinch of sugar.

Grate on a little parmesan and enjoy.


25th April 2013.



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