My 100th Post

Wow! I’d been doing this for about 2 weeks when Mr S asked “and how long will THIS last?” I rolled my eyes and ignored him in an exaggerated fashion but I actually thought “I do wonder, how long WILL this last?”

Well here I am at my 100th post. Should I make something special? No. It’s going to fall on a Thursday. Saturday or Sunday would be fine, I could have all day in the kitchen, but this is not to be.

On my shopping page I call myself a ‘gold medal list maker’ so as I already have my list of posts I decided to analyse it. I know, geeky right? So here’s what I found about my other 99 posts:

Of 91 meals:

62 of them are items cooked from scratch and 7 of them are leftovers from the 62. That’s 76% of my meals.  That sounds good until I see that 14 are out of a box/packet – that’s 15%. Must try harder.

We’ve eaten out 6 times and had 2 takeaways, not bad at all.

The remaining 8 posts are 3 baking and 5 miscellaneous kitchen/food-based posts. I’m going to strive to bake more. Starting this Sunday hopefully.

It’s kind-of a daily blog but it’s not always possible to post daily, however I do manage to get them out there in the end.

What has surprised me is that I have managed to photograph all of our meals. Since Mr S gave me the nudge that I ought to use my DSLR, in the main I have. I have only resorted to my phone when we’ve been out, or the food is out of a box & doesn’t really need the love. I hope my photographs look OK (ignoring my chorizo & prawn one).  I’m trying to get to grips with white balance, ISO and aperture etc. It’s not always easy when it’s 8.30 at night and you just want to tuck in.

There’s another thing that this blog has done. It’s made our meals even more varied than they actually were. I’m poring over my cookbooks even more for ideas and/or inspiration. Mealtimes have been good for a long time, now they are even better.

a selection of my cookbooks
a selection of my cookbooks

The best meal? I think I would have to say the mustard chicken from last week, I’m not surprised that it’s a Jamie Oliver recipe.  Although a special mention must go to the savoy, pancetta & lemon pasta & the smoky pork tacos. I’m also quite proud of my Easter Cake as I’m not much of a baker. I make no secret of  my love for chorizo so I’m surprised that there are only 7 chorizo based meals in the 99 posts.

The worst meal? The Chilli Cornbread Pie by a mile.

As I was researching this post, I saw that my very 1st post has no text with it, I remember writing it so I’m not sure what I did there, I’m undecided whether I will correct it or just make them again.

I love that I can read other peoples adventures with food. I love the fact that I have a diary of my meals… So I thank Mr S for his question, as in reality, he probably spurred me on so as not to fail. I jest, it’s just easy when you’re actually writing about something you love.

Where it all happens.
Where it all happens.

Here’s to my next 100 posts…Thank you for reading.


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