Fishcakes with Fried Egg & Parsley Sauce

How to serve our leftover fishcakes? – original post here.

The addition of a simple parsley sauce & a poached egg.

Mr S decided he would prefer his egg fried, so for ease it’s how I did them both. He also declared it the best parsley sauce ever. I’ll take that to the bank.*


I had to purchase my eggs from the supermarket due to time constraints my hangover at the weekend. For less money you get eggs almost twice the size so if you can avoid supermarket eggs, you should.

16th April 2013.

*cheesy line from Steven Seagal’s ‘Hard to Kill’ – I’m a sucker for a corny 80s action movie (although this one was made in 1990) 

5 thoughts on “Fishcakes with Fried Egg & Parsley Sauce

  1. That looks nice, I might make smoke smoked haddock ones, with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce, I never thought to put an egg on them..

    Another thing to add to my bucket list..
    Fishcakes Benedict..

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