Hangover Food

Well, it seems I just pushed out the lazy Friday night to lazy Saturday instead. Enchiladas for breakfast and not doing much else all day other than watching TV. Looks like leftovers and stuff from the freezer are going to feature heavily next week due to missing the market.

I came to life about 5ish and got about a bit of housework whilst Mr S went off to hunt food the supermarket.

Normally a hangover would bring about a takeaway craving but neither of us fancied that. However neither did we fancy chorizo & prawns in sherry either which was about the only thing I could muster up without waiting ages for something to defrost.

And so we had…

Southern fried chicken goujons in a bun, twice spiced sweet chilli mini ribs, beer battered onion rings, wedges, cheese & garlic bread & cheddar and chive dip.

…all out of a box of course…and a hair of the dog.


Tomorrow will be far more productive.

13th April 2013


Any thoughts?

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