Cottage Pie with Cheesy Mash Topping

I turned down the pub to make this. Some of the family had gone off to Wembley to watch the JPT final. Due to family connections we were all Southend fans for the day. I decided I would listen on the radio but it wasn’t broadcast, I had to make do “listening” on twitter. They lost, so lets not go into it, especially our views on the referee. Grrr!


I served this with a packet of cauliflower cheese from the freezer, not sure how long it had been in there but it was OK, if a little burnt on top.

The cottage pie recipe is from the cook of the moment even though she has been around for years – Mary Berry. I remember bringing the book home and Mr S thought it was rubbish as the pictures weren’t very enticing. It’s actually a well used book and we have a couple of favourites in there.pie2

I made plenty of mash potato in preparation for tomorrows dinner and froze some of the filling to use later, although there was not enough to make another pie.

7th April 2013

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