Indian Style Scrambled Eggs

Wow! I am one day off a first in a few weeks – making everything that was on this weeks food list! Just tomorrow to go and it looks like a good one so not much chance of us changing it. Not only that, I’ve managed to keep the blog up to date.

This recipe can be found in Madhur Jaffrey’s Simple Indian Cookery. It’s another light one, although I’ll admit to eating a bit of chocolate afterwards.

Heat some butter and oil, pop in some cumin seeds for a few seconds.

Put your spring onion, chilli and finely chopped mushrooms into the pan and then when the mushrooms look ‘silky’ put the tomatoes in.

Put the eggs in with some seasoning and stir gently until scrambled. Just before it’s done pop your coriander in.

Just use whatever quantities you like, we rarely stick to the recipe, that’s just a guideline isn’t it?


4th April 2013.


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