Tuscan Style Chicken Pasta

Well this is bucking the trend! It’s Friday night and not a cheats meal in sight. In fact it’s a very healthy meal for a Friday night.

Cook the pasta.

Butterfly the chicken to cook it evenly and quickly. I’m pretty useless at it but Mr S is an expert. When I first met him he wouldn’t even touch raw chicken but now he can take a full one and butcher it completely.

Season it then fry on each side until cooked (or 1 minute each side and finish off in oven, which is my preferred method).

Dice a red pepper and stir fry in a bit of oil with some cannellini beans and a crushed garlic clove then add the spinach and stick the lid on until it wilts.

Drain the pasta and mix everything but the chicken together, season to taste.

Slice the chicken and arrange on top.

Top with some grated parmesan.


22nd March 2013.


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