Making Do

Word of warning! Always label the food in your freezer. We went and did our supermarket shopping tonight, the food list for the week prepared. I’m not having a week like this next week. I had took out of the freezer what I thought were home made beef burgers. We bought the bread buns and Mr S bought himself this as a starter: 


He really is a chicken freak.

He put the oven on for this, then took the ‘burgers’ wrapped in foil out of the fridge. We realised by the softness that they were not burgers and I thought “Oh No! Fishcakes again” but no – they were actually little colcannon cakes I had made quite a while back.

I don’t know about you but once I’m home I hate having to go out again. This would have meant another late dinner. I know I had been to the supermarket but we couldn’t put a full meal together as we hadn’t done the market and deli yet. Mr S had his chicken so I decided I was going to make do. I found a breaded basa fillet in the freezer and this is the result.

Cooked the basa, refried the colcannon, put on a little cheese & cholula and there we have it. An, erm… cheesy basa colcannon sandwich. We (me, Mr S, cat)  shared the chicken and Mr S had one too he was that impressed with my ingenuity!


I promise next week will be better. Concocted 15th March 2013.


Any thoughts?

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