A Rush to the Supermarket & Dinner After 9pm

Ahem! I wasn’t very organised this week. Today was supposed to be Black and White Bean Quesadillas but guess who forgot the cheese? I didn’t get in from the gym until gone 8pm and the cupboards were bare. By the time I’d showered and got dressed and got to the supermarket my head was frazzled and this was all I could come up with.

Thai prawn fishcakes, chips and peas. Mr S had some chicken dish or other (supermarket bought). I did enjoy it though, and I haven’t had a tin of marrowfat peas for such a long time. I’m a simple girl with simple pleasures! I must confess to actually choosing to snack on a bowl of peas covered in vinegar as a child. I’m actually shuddering as I type that! My sister-in-law and neice won’t go anywhere near peas – such a travesty! 

Dinner after 9pm is not good, especially after such effort at the gym!


‘Made’ 12th March 2013.

Any thoughts?

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