Sweet Soy Mushrooms on Ciabatta Toast & Chilli Twice

I’m going to start by apologising, the chilli wasn’t as repulsive as the picture suggests. I’m going to blame the hangover.

The mushrooms were delicious, a perfect hangover cure, it seems my hand was steadier to take the picture than it was to make any of the mushrooms sit atop the bread. OK I’m no food stylist but I’m trying. This is from one of my Ainsley Harriott Books. I will definitely have these again, a smaller portion would make a good starter. I also forgot the chives. 



Now. My Chilli. If I am feeling frivolous I will cook a chilli from scratch but there’s a cheats comfort food in our house:

Fry off chopped onion.
Add minced beef and brown.
Stir in some chopped mushrooms.
Throw in a tin of chopped tomatoes.
Throw in a tin of baked beans.
Add a Schwarz hot chilli mix.
Add a bit of water.
Leave to cook for at least half an hour or as long as you can possibly leave it, stirring occasionally.

Cheats chilli. It is how I was introduced to chilli by my mum years ago (minus the ‘hot’). I decided to put a cornbread crust on it. I’ve noticed it in the same book before and decided today was the day. Now I’m not sure if I did something wrong, and this was possible in my hungover state, but it was AWFUL. It just tasted very ‘floury’. What a waste of time.

I normally freeze the remainder of the chilli and will serve it with a baked potato… a couple of hours later we had what was left, minus an awful crust, with a geneous grating of cheese. That’s better.

9th March 2013.


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