What is it about leftovers?

Hash leftovers

So what is it about leftovers? There’s not much that doesn’t taste better the second time around.

Tonight was corned beef hash again, Mr S doesn’t care much for measuring stuff out so what seemed like a sack-load of potatoes and two tins of corned beef went into this. Of course there was going to be leftovers.

He also has been looking over my posts and asked why I’m using my phone when he bought me a perfectly good DSLR two years ago. Fair point. So these are my first attempts at food using it. This was is a bit blurry, I will endeavour to improve.

So back to leftovers. We had some spare chipolata sausages that needed using up. These were fried up and added to a tin of beans. I don’t know about you but my beans have to be heated until the sauce is thick and the beans are about ready to break down. Adult beans and sausages. (I must confess I have been partial to the tinned variety since a child but Mr S does not share my enthusiasm)

Yesterday was served as classic hash. Today, the refried hash has turned those chunks of meat almost mince like and quite crispy in places. Even though I’ve now mastered the poached egg, the frying pan had already been used so the eggs were fried here.

Re’hashed’ 6th March 2013.


Any thoughts?

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