Linguine with Anchovies, Olives and Capers

I’ve used the title from the old Italian cookbook I found it in originally. This is linguine puttanesca I suppose. Maybe the books quite old and they didn’t want to use the word ‘puttanesca’ which, Nigella tells me* means slut/whore. It seems to refer to the fact that it’s a lazy/slovenly dish based on the ingredients.


As I have mentioned before, Mr S would eat anchovies, capers & olives in everything it’s a bit of a go to dish in our house.

Oil in, chopped garlic in, mash the anchovies in the pan, throw in the tomatoes, (black) olives, capers, a dash of cayenne and a blob of tomato puree. Stick a lid on for about 20-25 minutes. If it gets too dry pop a bit of the pasta water in and give it a stir. Mix it with your linguine and sprinkle with a bit of parsley.

I used green olives instead of black – is that a crime? The recipe calls for skinning the tomatoes – too much hassle. I stuck a bit of parmesan on for good measure.

Made 7th March 2013.

*by the medium of TV and not in person


Any thoughts?

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