Corned Beef Hash


I’ve been away all weekend, one of the ‘downsides’ of this is that I don’t get chance to go to the market. So I have to do my best at damage limitation. Choose meals that don’t need the best bits of meat etc. It bothers me that I have to buy my eggs from the supermarket as they are less quality for more money but needs must.


  • Peel as many potatoes as you require, cut up into small(ish) squares
  • Dice an onion
  • Open a tin (or 2) of corned beef and chop into squares the size of your potatoes (take care not to cut your finger on those stupid tins – as I did)
  • Get out your eggs and crack into individual small bowls with a dash of vinegar
  • Chop some parsley


  • Par boil your potatoes
  • Drain potatoes and leave for a few minutes to dry out a little
  • Soften your onion in some oil
  • Add a knob of butter
  • Once it’s foaming throw in your potatoes & up the heat a little. DO NOT move them around in the pan, you want a nice bit of crispiness on those potatoes.
  • Season
  • Turn infrequently
  • Don’t let the potatoes break down completely as you don’t want them too soft but you want some to break down. Get a potato masher and lightly press in the pan.
  • Pop your corned beef in, again don’t stir too much as you want the edges of some of the meat to caramelise.
  • Check seasoning
  • Poach your eggs.

To serve:

  • Sprinkle the mixture with parsley
  • Stick it in a bowl
  • Pop your egg on top
  • Serve with ketchup.

I was a huge lover of ketchup (or tomato sauce) as a child and would cover anything in it. This is about the only thing I put it on now. Perfect.

Made 5th March 2013.


Any thoughts?

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