Turkish flats, shred salad, feta & herbs

Today we were supposed to go to York. I wasn’t feeling too good. Why does that always happen on a day off? More than that, I wanted home-cooked food. Mr S chose what we were having and popped out to the supermarket.

I am a big fan of Rick Stein’s recipe for Lahmacun (Turkish spicy lamb flatbreads) so I was more than happy to give this quicker, lighter version using tortillas a go. They’re from Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals book.

The flavours complement each other perfectly and the walnuts mixed in with the lamb mixture add a lovely bit of crunch along with the edges of the oven baked tortilla.

Add this salad:


to your tortilla and lamb mixture & top it off with a bit of hummus:


Eating out is all good and well but cooking and eating at home is better.

Made 4th March 2013.

Any thoughts?

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