Out to (Sunday) Lunch

Sunday Lunch out had been booked for us, this probably had influenced our decision on Saturday night. It is a relatively new restaurant in the village where my husbands parents live.

I picked the starter immediately – grilled goats cheese, salad leaves, caramelised red onions & balsamic dressing. Some goats cheese can be a little overpowering for me but I took the risk anyway. It was perfect for me – deliciously creamy.


Choices, choices. At first I wanted the Sunday Lunch but said sunday lunch was IN the Yorkshire pudding, in it! Being from Yorkshire I do obviously love a YP but not necessarily one that big. I considered the Italian gnocchi but that came with a side of potatoes. Phew! I then considered liver and mash, but guess what that came with? Yep. What’s with all the potatoes? So I ended up with the Sunday lunch after all. Turkey or beef were the options, I chose turkey. Underneath all that meat were 3 roast potatoes and some stuffing. Then the side of veg arrived with… new potatoes.

It was all very nice, I had to ask for more gravy (I’m northern, what can I say). Forgive my arrogance but the roast potatoes, of which I am a huge fan, didn’t hold a candle to mine* and I’ve never been a fan of the boiled new potato.


I don’t always go for a dessert but today I did – coffee flavoured pannacotta with a baileys cream sauce. Very light, creamy and delectable.


All in all it was a very nice lunch.

* Get your goose fat nice and hot in a roasting dish, par boil your potatoes, drain and shake, season, sprinkle a nice handful of semolina, shake again. Pour the hot goose fat over them, tip back into the roasting dish, cook and enjoy.

Any thoughts?

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