Gammon, Egg & Chips


This was going to be gammon and cauliflower cheese grills. This was my ‘Friday’, four full days off work. I jumped aboard my train for the journey home, off it set towards my destination. I could see the bright lights of Doncaster from my seat on board the train* and there I sat for the next hour. My mood had darkened and I couldn’t be bothered.

Eggs. Check!
Chips. Check!

The gammon was almost as big as my plate, I can confirm that is too much for me but it was very tasty. I can also confirm that along with some beers and the train a distant memory I soon was back to my happy self.

Made 28th February 2013.

* I use the term train loosely, if you have never experienced a Northern Rail train then I salute you.

Any thoughts?

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