Spaghetti Carbonara


The first time I ever tried Spaghetti Carbonara, years ago, was in Central Park. No, not New York City but a restaurant in Doncaster. It was so good that I decided I would make it myself. If you have read my Bio I mention ready made sauces. I can still remember my taste buds screaming out in protest that this was no Central Park pasta and decided that I would only ever eat it there.

This Ainsley Harriott’s Friends and Family Cookbook is the one I tend to use, not a packet or a sickly, fake tasting jar of sauce in sight.

I have a disclaimer, I was not involved in the cooking of the one pictured above, this was all ready for me with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc when I got home from work. Even tastier.

Made by Mr S 13th February 2013.


Any thoughts?

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