Italian Broccoli & Salmon Bake


Pasta again, it’s no great hardship though is it? This time though, it’s a pasta bake, mine burnt a little round the edges as you can see. I actually don’t mind a bit of crunchy baked pasta.

Capers and anchovies are optional additions to the creamy mascarpone sauce but leaving these out at our house would be considered a crime. I have come across a handful of people who have told me they don’t like capers as they are not keen on fish! Yes, capers.

As for anchovies, the recipe says 8 but I always buy more so Mr S can munch on them whilst dinner is cooking, personally I don’t like them that much but I appreciate them in my food.

The recipe states to slice the salmon widthways then pour the rest on top but I cut mine into bite sized pieces and mixed it all together. I’m not big on measuring things out when cooking and this is a certainty where cheddar cheese is concerned.

Yes folks, it’s the BBC Good Food website again.

Made 14th February 2013.


Any thoughts?

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