Pulled Pork (Souvlaki) Wraps



Originally, the idea was for Chicken Souvlaki, then flicking through my books I came across Souvlaki (Wicked kebabs) in Jamie Does which uses leg of pork.

I bought pork shoulder as the butcher had a good piece on offer and when I got it out to cook I decided that pulled pork would be the way to go so used the basic recipe but turned them into pulled pork wraps. I cheated with the flatbread and used a Wrights bread mix.

Put out your flatbread, smear with a bit of tzatziki, grab a handful of divine pork, top with the pepper mixture, roll it and enjoy. Repeat until you can’t move.

Made 10th February 2013.


2 thoughts on “Pulled Pork (Souvlaki) Wraps

  1. Repeat until you can’t move…hmmmm… I think I will be good at this step!

    I love pulled pork and the idea of flat bread to go with it opposed to a bun or tortilla sounds wonderful!

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